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Effective Pro® with IDC™ and BelleMa Euphoria Pro with IDC™

Posted on: 10/01/2017 16:00 By Bellema
Effective Pro® with IDC™ and BelleMa Euphoria Pro with IDC™

MODELS: Effective Pro® with IDC™ and BelleMa Euphoria Pro with IDC

Q: My Breast Pump’s Suction Power is weak

A: Please do the following troubleshooting steps which pertain to your breast pump suction power:

1.          Make sure that you have connected all the parts of the Collection Kit properly and all parts are fastened well. Check on: the Silicone Cushions, Silicone Diaphragm, Tubes, the Valve and Membrane.

2.          Make sure the membrane fits the valve body snugly.

3.          Make sure that your membrane has no holes, chips or cracks. Frequent sterilization and ageing causes wear and tear to the membrane.

4.          Make sure that all the parts are not damp, no moisture and not wet.

5.          The Damper must be the membrane & valve are installed correctly and attached properly. There should be a tiny slot on the valve to fasten the membrane.

6.          Make sure that the silicone cushion on each pump fits tightly unto the breast shield. The silicone cushions have edges that should mould perfectly across the flange edges. Make sure both edges of the silicone cushion and the flange are fastened together perfectly.

7.          Make sure that the Silicone Diaphragm/Damper is properly attached to the opening of the Breast Shield. Make sure that there are no water drops on the damper or lid. 

8.          Check the tubes, making sure that it is not kinked, bent or twisted. The tubes must be straightened to ensure proper air flow.  If you notice water condensation or milk inside the tubes, clean and air dry.  The tubes must always be dry and checked every each use.

9.          Check to make sure the flanges or breast shields are well secured, properly connected and tightly fastened to the tubes.

10.      If you are using a Battery Pack, make sure that batteries are fully charged.

All the above troubleshooting instructions must be followed. Failure to follow any of these instructions will result to a weak suction or no suction at all. 

If all the above steps have been followed and you are still having weak suction or no suction, some parts or accessories of your breast pump might be deformed or ruptured due to the aging process. If this is the case, please call BelleMa or visit us at www.bellema-usa.com to order and purchase replacement parts.


Q: What do I do if milk gets into the tubing?

A.  Bellema Effective Pro with IDC  is a Closed System.  That means it is designed for breastmilk not to enter the pump motor and the tubes.  If you are experiencing abundance of milk, below are steps to follow to prevent milk overflow:

1.          Adjust the pumping power to a lesser level if your breastmilk is relatively abundant, viscous or thick.

2.          Try releasing the pressure between your breast and the silicone cushion if you notice that the milk is all gathered inside the flange and is not streaming down to the collection bottle.

3.          If you are using the silicone cushion, try pumping without the silicone cushions.

4.          Do not overfill the collection bottle.  If the milk is goes beyond 100ml,  replace it with a new collection bottle.

Q: My breast pump is running smoothly but I am unable to pump breast milk (or less quantity), what do I do?

A: In most cases, this problem occurs when there is breast engorgement or your breast milk is relatively abundant and has viscosity (being thick or sticky). 

1.          If your breast milk is relatively abundant, you can use your hand first to squeeze some milk out before using the breast pump.

2.          If you are experiencing breast engorgement, place a warm towel on the engorged breast, and use thumb massage from the bottom of your breast up to the nipple for 10-15 minutes. After this process, you may then use the breast pump.

3.          It is recommended to pump every 2 to 3 hours, including breastfeeding hours. If you are still in postnatal care, you must pump on each breast for 15 minutes according to your milk secretion. Do not pump for over 20 minutes to avoid mammary damage.

4.          If you have large and sagging breasts, hold your breast and massage gently while pumping milk to help with your milk flow.


Q: Something is wrong with the Right Pump, it is not giving suction, while the Left Pump is working perfect.

A: Try these troubleshooting steps:

1.          Check all the connections on your Right Pump, make sure everything is connected well.

2.          Make sure that all the parts of the Right Pump are complete and that you have installed everything properly.

3.          Check that membrane on the Right Pump is not worn out.

4.          Check that there is no moisture, wetness or dampness on the Right Pump. 

5.          If the Left Pump is working,  there is no reason for the Right Pump not to be working other than connection problems,  missing parts, worn out parts, wetness or moisture on any part.

Q: My Breast Pump’s Power is not turning ON.

A: Try these troubleshooting steps:

1.          Check on your socket first, make sure it is functioning. Make sure the power adapter is plugged in to the DC socket properly.


2.          Try using the Battery Pack with your Breast Pump device.  If the breast pump works with the Battery Pack, then there is a problem with your power adapter.  Purchase a new power adapter by going to www.bellema-usa.com.  If your Power Adapter is still under warranty, feel free to contact Bellema Customer Service for a replacement. 


3.          After following the above steps and your unit still does not work, you may have a defective pump motor. Please call Bellema Customer Service to be guided on how to purchase another motor or to ask for a Replacement/Exchange if your breast pump is still under warranty. Bellema strives for 100% Customer Satisfaction, we will always be happy to serve your needs! 


If you experience pain or discomfort from pumping, stop immediately and consult a Breastfeeding Specialist or a Lactation Consultant. Improper use of breast pump may result to breast tissue damage or mastitis.


BREASTFEEDING WISDOM: Breast milk is made ‘on demand’. Think of your breasts as a  Factory of breast milk and not Storage. The more milk is taken from your breasts through feeding and pumping,  the more milk will be produced to replace it. As soon as the breast is full, it sends a message to the “milk making factory” to slow production.  As soon as the breast is empty, the ‘milk factory’ increases its production.  The greater the demand, the more production it will be!

Posted on: 10/01/2017 16:00 By Bellema

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