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BelleMa Plenitude Double/Single Electric Breast Pump

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BelleMa Plenitude Pro, Closed System Double Electric Breast Pump with 3D Pump System, Touch Screen Technology and Rechargeable Li-Ion batteries.

BelleMa Plenitude Double Electric Breast Pump with 3D Milk Collection Kit is a highly safe breast pump that exudes a striking beauty with its glossy finish. As petite as it looks, the Plenitude does not sacrifice efficiency. It comes with a 3D Design on Collection Kit to mimic not just a baby’s suckling motion but to get as close as a breast pump can get imitating a baby’s pulling, squeezing and suckling motion. Plenitude expression kit was carefully designed to replicate the unique sucking pattern of a healthy term breastfed infants that makes this model very effective, efficient, convenient and comfortable.  This Model is a Closed System breast pump designed with a barrier to prevent milk from entering the tube and the motor. This feature is very important on a breast pump because milk residue in tubes and motor can cause contamination.  Plenitude breast shields are made of liquid silicone to provide a gentle massaging touch just like how an infant does it.  Touch Screen Technology was added to this model for mothers to conveniently navigate with the digital controls and visually monitor the dual phase mode expression real time. The Stimulation Phase with rapid cycles just like that of an infant helps stimulate a mother’s MER (Milk Ejection Reflex), while the Expression Phase is of a slower pumping rhythm as breast milk is expressed efficiently.  This is also capable of single or double pumping and can go up to 250mmHg on single pumping (the highest suction level FDA allows).  For dual pumping, the suction power of Plenitude can go up to 200mmHg that is ideal for mothers who cannot tolerate strong suction power. There are 9 adjustable levels to choose from, depending on your level of comfort. This Model has a built-in rechargeable battery that provides a total convenience with an LED Battery indicator on the screen to alert if battery level is on the low.  This is a very quiet system that has a Memory Feature that will memorize your favorite settings. If it is safety, comfort and efficiency in abundance that you are looking for in a breast pump, BelleMa Plenitude says it all!



Highly Safe Closed System personal use breast pump

Designed for milk not to enter the tubes and the motor to avoid contamination

Powers up to 250mmHg on single pumping, 220 mmHg for double pumping

 Comes with 9 adjustable vacuum levels

Dual Phase Mode of Stimulation and Expression

Stimulation Mode designed to enhance a mother’s milk ejection reflex

3D Collection Kit that closely imitates the pulling, squeezing and suckling motion of an infant

With built-in Rechargeable Battery and Battery Level Indicator

Touch Screen Technology

Memory Feature that memorizes favorite settings

Anti-Backflow Flange Design

Liquid Silicone Breast Flange Design

Quiet System, Light and Portable

Comes with a bottle adaptor that will fit standard size bottles of other popular brands

Easy to assemble and easy to wash

FDA Approved and BPA-Free



1 Breast Pump Motor

2 Breast Shield Sets

2 Collection Bottles 

2 Bottle Converters

2 Bottle Stands

2 Silicone Tubes

6 Extra Membranes

1 Power Adaptor 

1 User Manual & Warranty Card 



The BelleMa Plenitude Pro is backed by a 1-year limited warranty from the date of purchase against defective material and workmanship.

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